The Red Swing Project


Initiated by a group of architecture students from Austin, Texas in 2007 the The Red Swing Project, was initially a class assignment of creating a concept for urban intervention. The idea is striking in it’s simplicity, a red swing, which is merely a piece of painted wood hung by some retired rock climbing rope, is anonymously hung overnight in underutilized public spaces to “inspire playfulness in the world.”

So far the group has hung more than 150 swings in USA, India, Thailand, Brasil, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Spain, Portugal, Haiti and Poland, and recently made it to the Biennale in Venice in the category “Spontaneous Interventions:Design Actions for the Common Good”.

The project is open source and there are instructables on the website how to make and install the swings as well as a video tutorial, encouraging people to get involved enhancing their communities.


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