What is this?

My name is Raune Frankjær and rethink: URBAN INTERACTION is my Design Master Thesis in blog form. As a designer I specialize in spatial communication, interactive media and physical computing. I completed my B.A in Intermedia Design in the summer of 2012 at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany.
Previously I studied architecture and photography in Denmark and South Africa respectively.
Before getting involved with New Media I ran my own business as an artisan, and spend several years living in communities working towards sustainability.
I have a strong belief in the inherent potential of design as an instrument of change, and not designing just for the sake of consumerism. In this vein I seek to apply myself and my skills to current pressing social and environmental issues.

With rethink: URBAN INTERACTION I am making my Master Thesis public as I go along. I publish my research as I conduct it, which has the advantage of focusing my thoughts and forcing me to reexamine the material. Further I of course hope to be able to engage an audience and get into a dialogue. Finally I like to share and it would be great if my work could somehow be of use to anyone out there interested, and not just read by my supervising professor to then collect dust on some shelf.

If you’d like to connect with me you can add me on LinkedIn or write me a message using the contact form on the site.